Joint International Conference on Environment, Health, GIS and Agriculture

August 2016

PCO: Go West Conference & Event Management



DURATION: 7 days

The job of organising a joint conference, set to attract several hundred delegates from across the globe is no mean feat. However careful planning and breathtaking destinations go a long way in contributing to a successful event.

The Joint International Conference on Environment, Health, GIS and Agriculture 2016 is the third International Conference that the client, Dr. Chaosheng Zhang, Senior Lecturer at the National University of Ireland, has brought to Ireland.

NUI Galway played host to the conferences on Environment, Health, GIS and Agriculture from 14 – 20 August, 2016. These included the first joint international conference of ISEH 2016 (the third International Symposium on Environment and Health, ISEG 2016), the 10th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry and Geoinformatics 2016 (the 24th International Conference on Geoinformatics).

Over 300 delegates from 34 different countries and regions were expected, meaning a lot of preparation and substantial support was required. Dr. Zhang sought help and guidance from the Meet In Ireland team and Fáilte Ireland, which provided financial support, conference materials and other assistance.

The brief for the conference package was all encompassing and required a full PCO service that included online registration, venue management, speaker liaison, sponsorship management, as well as delegate support management.  A significant number of attendees had also travelled from China, for which the PCO, Go West in Galway issued 136 visa support letters.

There were 206 presentations in which 29 keynote speeches were presented — as it was a joint conference, the attendees were encouraged to attend other lectures and sessions, to enable learning and to extend their academic networks. This enabled a historic opportunity in which international experts from closely related fields were able to meet, discuss and share knowledge of the ever growing challenges faced by humans and their changing environment.

With assistance provided by the Meet In Ireland team, the conference kicked off with a memorable welcome reception. All 308 delegates were also treated to a sumptuous gala dinner in the Galmont Hotel, where they had the chance to experience the famous Irish hospitality. There were also three impressive field trips on offer, which included excursions to the Burren National Park in Clare, the coastal town of Connemara and the Aran Islands in Galway, which were all very well received.

Hailed as a success for the organisers, the quality of the event was noted at a top level internationally, with the conference delivered to the highest professional standards. The estimated value of the event to Ireland’s economy was an impressive €462,000. As a memorable experience for all attendees, feedback from the client was very positive.

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Project Highlights

  • +300 delegates from over 34 countries

  • 206 presentations with 29 Keynote speeches

  • 3 Field trips taking in the Burren, Connemara & the Aran Islands

  • 136 Visa support letters issued

Client’s Testimonial: Dr Zhang

I take my great pleasure to recommend Go West Conference & Event Management as a professional conference organiser (PCO) to you.

I have my successful experience of working with Go West for two international conferences of SEGH 2010 and ISEH 2016 ISEG 2016 Geoinformatics 2016. The feedback from my delegates regarding the administration for both conferences was very positive, especially when there were a large number of requests for visa letters. The services from Go West were professional, including all the processes of conference budget management, online submission, accommodation booking, venue preparation, fieldtrip arrangement, communication with delegates and preparation for conference programme and book of abstracts.

I am deeply impressed that the responses from Go West to conference chair and delegates were always quick and often proactive. Meanwhile, the local knowledge of Go West was very helpful to improve the organization for conference activities.

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