Giving Back to the Local Community with Cope Galway

COPE Galway provides support services to some of the most vulnerable and isolated men, women and children in Galway.
Together with our team of dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as our community partners, we support and advocate on behalf of people experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse and older people in the community.
Galway Convention Bureau have collaborated with COPE Galway to offer a virtual event to your conference delegates. A fun 10 km run around Galway city a great way to see the city, something to share on social media all the while raising funds for a great local course.
Delegates can register for the event on Eventbrite. A registration fee of €20 is required. Delegates will receive a route map, t-shirt and their own personal fundraising page. Your page can then be connected to fitness apps like Strava and FitBit.
The route can be complete in the delegates own time each individual can post their completed route into their EveryDayHero Page and share across their social media to help raise funds for Cope Galway.

Delegate numbers: unlimited
What it is: Fun Run in own time
Who it supports: vulnerable and isolated men, women and children in Galway.
Time needed: Enough time to complete 10 km run, walk or jog
Who to contact: Rose Finn

Bring the Bees Back Irish Wildflower Seed Planting

One-third of all Irish wild bee species are threatened with extinction by 2030.
Habitat loss and the constant decline of wildflowers is causing this rapid decline. Wildflower habitats are where bees and butterflies make their lives. This is serious for Ireland and serious for its people. Biodiversity is crucial for many reasons and wildflowers are crucial to biodiversity.
With Beebombs you can re-create these lost habitats and to help bring back the bees.
Get a group of your delegates together and do some wildflower seed planting to help bring the bees back. Four weeks’ notice required to arrange.

Delegate numbers: 2 – 20
What it is: Gardening (dependent on time of year for planting)
Who it supports: The environment
Time needed: 1 Hour
Who to contact: Rose Finn

Wild Atlantic Way Beach Clean Galway City and County

Marine litter kills, injures and causes pain and suffering and every year entails great economic costs and losses to people and communities around the world (United Nations Environment Programme, 2005).
Impacts to Marine Life:
• Entanglement of marine animals
• Ghost fishing: lost or abandoned fishing gear that continues to catch fish
• Ingestion by marine animals
• Spread of alien species by marine debris
Impacts to People and Economy:
• Ingestion of micropalstics
• Damage to fishing, fishing boats and gear
• Contamination of beaches
• Damage to the scenic quality of coastal area
Delegates can volunteer to form a beach clean group under the supervision of a local beach clean club or volunteer. Four weeks’ notice required.

Delegate numbers: 2 – 50
What it is: Beach Clean
Who it supports: Marine life, Our People and Economy
Time needed: 2- 3 Hours
Who to contact: Rose Finn

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